"Mr. Claus delivers the magic - Let us deliver everything else!"

By far and away the best Santa letters I have ever seen. These are beyond personalised and so beautifully written. The additional extras are all amazing too. Kids were mesmerised! Thank you Santa's Answers, I WILL be back!

The Letter

Order an exclusive letter from Santa written especially for your child, beautifully presented and delivered to you directly from The North Pole.

We are very proud to have an exclusive partnership with Santa Claus for the ordering, packaging and delivery of all reply letters sent from Santa's Workshop in The North Pole directly to millions of children all around the world.

In a unique arrangement negotiated with the Santa's Elves Letters and Lists (SELL) team, we have been granted exclusive access to the same letter management database used by all of the North Pole Elves, including Santa himself.

Our personalised North Pole envelope, featuring a North Pole stamp and postmark.

We can ensure a guaranteed response to your child's Santa letter. All we need from you are some simple details, and our hand-selected Elf team will look after the rest. We will expertly locate your child's letter amongst the millions of letters received by Santa. The details will be checked (twice, of course) against the information you provide, and cross-referenced with the master Necessary Intelligence Collection Elves (NICE) list to ensure 100% accuracy.

We have four exclusive letter designs for you to choose from. You can select which style you would prefer Santa to write when placing your order. You can see an example of each of the four styles below - simply click on any of the images to get more information.

Each of the letter styles features Santa's genuine signature and the official seal of Santa's Workshop. All letters come presented in a beautiful themed envelope featuring your child's name and location, an exclusive North Pole postage stamp and a certified North Pole postmark.

Our packaging and distribution team, under the watchful eye of our head elf, Carol, will collect the completed letters from Santa and distribute them (unsealed inside a plain white envelope) to YOU ( Yuletide Order Undertakings, our local delivery network) for final verification and onward delivery to their final recipient.

Winter Wonderland

Personalised Santa Letter, Style #1 - A Snowy background, with Christmas tree branches, red ribbon and baubles at the top. Presents and a snowman at the bottom. Written in blue ink and featuring the official seal of Santa's Workshop.

The Big Red Suit

Santa's Stationery

Personalised Santa Letter, Style #3 - A classic letter, written on parchment paper and headed with the words 'From the desk of Santa Claus' The bottom of the page features stylised Christmas decorations in red. Written in brown ink and featuring the official seal of Santa's Workshop.

Festive Friends

Personalised Santa Letter, Style #4 - Santa, Rudolph, Elf, and Snowman sitting atop a snow covered wall with a full moon shining behind them. Written in blue ink and featuring the official seal of Santa's Workshop.

Imagine your child's face as they open a beautiful envelope addressed directly to them from the North Pole, to find a personal reply to their Santa letter written by Mr. Claus himself!

Three children smiling in awe at open magical gift box

Who we Are

Santa's Answers grew out of the need for Santa Claus and his team to meet an ever-growing demand for personal interaction from internet- and social-media-saturated children and their parents.

Following a lengthy selection process, Santa's Answers were chosen during the summer of 2016 to be Santa's exclusive ordering, packaging and delivery partners for the sending of unique, personal reply letters to your child. Having spent the past few years earning the trust and respect of Mr. Claus himself, we are delighted to announce that we have just entered into a new contract which will keep us in The North Pole until at least the year 2100 (Santa doesn't like to commit to anything beyond a single century)

This is a very exciting time for our company. From our purpose-built headquarters in Jingle Bell Business Campus right here in the heart of The North Pole, we have been working closely with Santa, Mrs. Claus and the entire Elf Team and completing our own rigorous hiring process to ensure that we have the best people and elves in place to meet the significant logistics and supply-chain management challenges faced every Christmas season here in The North Pole.

What we do

We are the exclusive official partners of Santa Claus for the ordering, packaging and delivery of all reply letters sent from Santa's workshop in The North Pole to millions of children all around the world.

As international leaders in logistics and supply-chain management, we can offer you a guaranteed response to your child's letter, personally written by Santa Claus himself.

We also offer a selection of Christmas-themed extras to accompany your child's letter, including the actual reindeer food used every day here in the North Pole Stables and a set of exclusive Christmas Stickers designed by Internationally-renowned artist Crispin Yvenne.

Why choose us?

Unlike other companies who offer counterfeit letters made from poor quality generic templates, we have negotiated exclusive and unrestricted access to the writing desk of Santa Claus himself.

From our office in The North Pole we interact daily with Santa, Mrs. Claus and the entire team of elves to ensure that your child's letter to Santa is located amongst the millions of letters received here at North Pole Station. Once located, we will put that letter directly into the hands of Santa Claus who will compose, write and sign a unique, personal response for your child.

Once completed by Santa, our expert delivery team will package your letter together with a selection of exclusive extras and deliver them to your child in a beautiful themed envelope, stamped and postmarked right here in The North Pole.

Meet Adam - The Boy Who Believed.

Watch our beautiful video to hear the heart-warming story of how a letter from Santa's Answers helped one boy to look inside his heart and rediscover what had been there all along - the innocent joy and extraordinary magic of the most wonderful time of the year. #dontstopbelieving

The Extras

Exclusive items direct from The North Pole to add a little bit of extra magic to your child's letter from Santa.

Bag of Reindeer Food, direct from the North Pole stables

Reindeer Food

Direct from the North Pole Stables, in an exclusive arrangement with Magic Munch™ enchanted reindeer food, the Elf Head Groom has granted us unprecedented access to the actual food eaten daily by Dasher, Dancer, Prancer, Vixen, Comet, Cupid, Donner, Blitzen and Rudolph. Your children can leave a healthy snack for Santa's reindeer on Christmas Eve, safe in the knowledge that they are providing the correct nutritional profile to help get them safely through the busiest night of the year.

A Christmas activity booklet to keep your child entertained

Activity Booklet

Our exclusive activity booklet features a wonderful assortment of fun, Santa-approved Christmas activities hand-picked by our specialist elf team to keep your child busy while they wait patiently for the Big Day to arrive.
Once completed, why not share your child's hard work with us on Facebook or Instagram?

A Postcard

North Pole Postcard

Our gorgeous souvenir postcard features a range of beautiful imagery from across The North Pole, captured especially for Santa's Answers by acclaimed National Elfographic photographer Merrill Eeyonhi. These images will never be made available anywhere else, so make sure not to miss out on this very rare chance to catch a never-before-seen glimpse of some of the North Pole's most iconic and historic sights!

Signed photograph of Santa Claus

Signed Photograph

In a very exciting offer for a limited number of lucky children around the world, we have been granted unrestricted access to the personal portrait archive of the Claus family. Your child can be one of the very lucky few to own a never-before-seen photograph of Santa, taken by Mrs. Claus during a touching moment inside the Claus family home. Most exciting of all, Santa has agreed to personally sign each and every photograph ordered through Santa's Answers. Don't miss out on this unique opportunity to own a rare piece of Claus family history.

Sheet of Christmas stickers for your child to enjoy

Christmas Stickers

Our incredible Christmas stickers were designed exclusively for www.santasanswers.com by internationally renowned designer-elf Crispin Yvenne. After months spent living and working in The North Pole, Crispin has managed to capture the many elusive facets of Santa's personality in stunning three-dimensional foam. Your child's sheet of approximately twelve stickers will feature multiple images of Santa, augmented by a selection of imagery from around the North Pole.


During our recent pre-launch staff meeting, Santa presented the following awe-inspiring quote to the rest of the elfxecutive team - 'There are many little ways to enlarge a child’s world. A love of books is the best way of all'. Mr. Claus has always been very passionate about ensuring that his own adoration of books and reading lives on in each generation of children he visits. When he approached Santa's Answers to comission this very special bookmark, we were beyond honoured to have been entrusted with such a momentous task. We are incredibly proud of the result that we have achieved, and we have no doubt that your children will love it just as much as we do!

The Packages

Our <strong>best value</strong> Super Deluxe comes with every extra as standard.


Our amazing-value Super Deluxe Package is only for the very best children! It comes with all extras as standard - A bag of nutritionally balanced Magic Munch™ reindeer food direct from the North Pole Stables, our unique Christmas activity booklet, a beautiful Christmas bookmark, a rare signed photograph of Santa Claus, a set of Crispin Yvenne designed Christmas Stickers, and an exclusive North Pole postcard.

Our Deluxe package includes a unique, personalised letter from Santa, Reindeer Food, Christmas Activity Booklet, and North Pole postcard


Our Deluxe Package comes complete with three of our amazing extras - A bag of nutritionally balanced Magic Munch™ reindeer food direct from the North Pole Stables, our unique Christmas activity booklet, and an exclusive North Pole postcard.

Package including a unique, personalised letter from Santa and Reindeer Food


Your unique, personalised letter from Santa comes with a bag of nutritionally-balanced Magic Munch™ reindeer food direct from the North Pole Stables.

Unique, personalised letter from Santa


A unique, personalised letter from Santa written especially for your child.

The Discounts

Santa just loves to be organised - Ordering multiple letters at the same time lets him better manage his busy schedule, and earns you a very genersous discount!

Although we will never be able to compete with the altruistic, unreserved generosity of the one and only Santa Claus (with his fancy-schmancy magic toy factory and his flying reindeer and his "As long as you are good I can bring you everything your heart desires"), we will do everything we can to help ease the financial burden faced by all parents during this wonderful season of giving and goodwill.

Our multi-buy discount scheme is very simple:

  • If you order two letters, we will give you a 5% discount on the cost of your entire order.
  • For three letters, you will receive 10% off.
  • For orders of four or more letters, we will give a 15% discount.

All of our package options are eligible for the above discounts, and you are free to order them in any combination you like. The discounts are based only on the number of letters you order.

The Delivery

You can order up to four letters, in any combination of package options, and we will deliver them to anywhere in the world completely free of charge.

If you are ordering more than four letters, we charge a flat fee of €3.95 per each additional (up to) four items. For example - If you order between five and eight letters, you will be charged a flat fee of €3.95. For between nine and twelve letters, delivery would rise to €7.90.

Letters will be delivered from our distribution centre in Ireland* to YOU (Yuletide Order Undertakings, our local delivery network) by the regular postal service.

All orders will be delivered unsealed in a plain white envelope for security reasons. YOU will perform a final verification of all details before sealing the envelope and completing onward delivery to the final recipient using customary local delivery methods.

Although our letters are initially packaged and dispatched from our office in The North Pole, all estimated delivery times will be calculated from our main distribution hub in Ireland* to your destination.

The final order date for guaranteed pre-Christmas delivery in Ireland* or Great Britain is Friday, 4th December 2020

For Mainland Europe, the last date for ordering to guarantee pre-Christmas delivery is Tuesday, 1st December 2020

Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee pre-Christmas delivery for any Worldwide orders (outside Europe) placed with us after Friday, 27th November 2020

If you wish to order a letter after these dates, pre-Christmas delivery may still be possible. Please contact us before ordering and our specialist Elf delivery team will do whatever we can to try to ensure your child is not disappointed.

*North Pole Letter Delivery Inc. trading as Santa's Answers are a fully bonded and certified member of the Global Board of Make-Believe and Fantasy Companies. As such, we are duty-bound to be fully tax-compliant and to obey all applicable European and International tax law. We just so happen to really like Ireland. We hold a particularly special place in our hearts for their beautiful green fields, their wonderful, friendly people and their exceptionally low Corporate Tax Rate.

Get In Touch

We'd love to hear from you!

Please let us know your name, email, and message and we will get back to you as quickly as we can. Alternatively, you can reach out to us via social media using the buttons below the form.


Do you offer different letter styles?
We have four unique, beautiful letter styles to choose from – “Winter Wonderland”, “Santa’s Stationery”, “The Big Red Suit”, and “Festive Friends”. You are free to choose whichever style you prefer for each individual letter in your order.
Is the letter fully customised?
Every letter ordered from Santa’s Answers is individually written by Santa especially for each child. No two letters are the same! Unlike some other companies, we do not simply insert your child’s name into a standard letter. Santa takes all of the information you provide about your child and crafts an individual, bespoke letter especially for them.
Can you mention something specific in my child's letter?
Of course! Santa will use all of the information you provide to craft an individual letter especially for your child. If there is something in particular that you would like mentioned, you can let us know about it when placing your order.
I am ordering letters for each of my children – can you link the letters together somehow?
This is one of the many reasons our customers love to order their letters from Santa’s Answers! Santa will not only write a beautiful custom letter for each child – he will look at your overall family order and make reference to siblings as appropriate.
Can I order anything extra along with the letter?
Yes! We have a number of optional extras to help make your child's letter from Santa even more special! How about a bag of Magic Munch™ (the actual reindeer food given to Santa’s reindeer in the North Pole stables)? We also have an activity booklet filled with an assortment of fun Christmas activities, a signed photo of Santa from the Claus family archive, an exclusive set of Christmas stickers designed by internationally-renowned designer elf Crispin Yvenne, a fantastic souvenir North Pole postcard, and a very special bookmark comissioned by Santa Claus himself! Why not order our amazing value super-deluxe package which includes all of the above at a fantastic low price?
Can I order one of your packages without ordering a letter?
Unfortunately, this is not possible. Our optional extras can only be ordered as an add-on when purchasing a letter from Santa.
How do I place my order?
Click on Order Now to order a unique, bespoke letter from Santa Claus. We will start by asking you how many children you would like Santa to write to. You will then have the opportunity to choose a package type and letter style and to provide some information to Santa about each child. A different package and letter style can be chosen for each child. When you have provided details for as many letters as you require, you can proceed to the checkout and submit your order to Santa.
Can I save my order details for later?
Yes, you can! If you need to save your order at any time, please use the save button at the bottom of the form. We will keep your order details safe and will email you a special access code that can be used to resume it later (even from a different device).
Can I order a letter for more than one child?
You can order as many letters as you wish. In fact, we offer some amazing discounts when ordering multiple letters in the same order. Santa will of course cross-reference all letters in the order and will mention siblings in each letter where appropriate. However, please note that Santa cannot write to more than one child in a single letter. You must order one letter for each child.
Can I change my order once it has been placed?
If you need to change any personal details in your child’s letter, please contact us ASAP. As long as Santa hasn’t started writing the letter, we will be happy to amend any details as necessary.
What happens if I receive my child’s letter and some details are incorrect?
Your child’s letter will be sent directly to you (unsealed) inside a large, plain-white envelope. This will allow you to check the letter thoroughly before giving it to your child. In the very unlikely event that you notice any issues, please contact us ASAP and we will do everything we can to get everything rectified as quickly as we can.
Do you offer any discounts?
Our discount system is very simple. If you order two letters at the same time, you will receive a 5% discount on the total cost of your order. For three letters, the discount is 10% and for four or more letters you will receive a 15% discount. This discount is applicable to all letter styles and package types and is dependent only upon the number of letters in your order.
What payment methods can I use?
We currently accept all major credit cards including Visa, Mastercard and American Express. Alternatively, you can choose to pay using PayPal or (where applicable) Apple Pay, Google Pay, or your browser's saved payment method.
How do I know that my credit card details are safe?
Your credit card details are handled by Stripe – a global company who handle millions of transactions every day. In addition, our website employs the latest in SSL encryption technology to ensure your details are kept private and secure. If you have any questions about your privacy or the security of your data, please contact us at any time.
How much do you charge for delivery?
All orders containing four letters or less qualify for free shipping to anywhere in the world. If you are ordering more than four letters in a single order, we will charge a flat rate of €3.95.
How will my children’s letters be delivered?
Your entire order will be shipped directly to you in a large, plain white envelope. Inside, you will find each of the children’s letters in their own themed envelope, complete with a North Pole postage stamp and postmark. The envelopes will be left unsealed so that you can check the letters before giving them to your children in whatever way best suits your family’s traditions.
How long does it take to receive my order?
We aim to ship all letters within two weeks of the order being placed with us. We will send you an email as soon as your order is on its way to you.
Will I receive my order before Christmas?
We guarantee that all orders placed with us before the final order date will be delivered to you before Christmas.
What is the latest date I can place my order?
  • The final order date for guaranteed pre-Christmas delivery in Ireland* or Great Britain is Friday, 4th December 2020.
  • For Mainland Europe, the last date for ordering to guarantee pre-Christmas delivery is Tuesday, 1st December 2020.
  • Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee pre-Christmas delivery for any Worldwide orders (outside Europe) placed with us after Friday, 27th November 2020.
What if I don’t receive my order?
We will send you a dispatch email as soon as your order has been handed over to the postal service. You should expect to receive it within two to three days after that. Unfortunately, we have no direct control over the delivery of your order after it leaves our premises. In the unlikely event that you do not receive your order within the expected timeframe, please contact us ASAP and we will ensure that a replacement letter is issued to you immediately.
What personal information about my child do you require?
You can provide us with as little or as much of the requested information as you see fit. The more information you provide us with, the more personalised we can ensure your child's letter from Santa is. However, the only things we absolutely require to ensure Santa can write a letter to your child are the child's first name and their age. The provision of all other information is entirely at your own discretion.
What do you do with the information I provide to you?
The privacy and protection of sensitive information relating to your children is of vital importance to us here at Santa's Answers. All of us here are parents ourselves, so we fully understand the concerns you may have about providing us with personal information about your children. Please be assured that we will never use any of the information you provide to us for any purpose other than the generation of a unique, personalised letter to your child from Santa. All information provided to us will be treated in the strictest of confidence and will be removed from our system immediately upon its use. Our website employs the latest in SSL encryption technology to ensure you data remains safe and secure at all times.

Meet The Team

Headshot of Santa, The Main Man


The Main Man

Headshot of Carol, The Head Elf


The Head Elf

Headshot of Noel and Chris, our IT team

Noel & Chris

The IT Guys

Headshot of Holly, Customer Service Elf


Customer Service

Santa's hands writing 'Happy Christmas from Santas Answers' in white ink on a red card